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Dietary supplements for Vitamin B

Dietary supplements

Bacteria play an important role in keeping our body healthy, such as nervous system support, skin, cells, blood making, metabolism, and energy.
There are 8 different types of vitamins B, namely Tai Mine (B1), Vibo Flaviano (B2), Nissin (B3), Fantutonic Acid (B5), Pyridoxine (B-Cox), Bioinean (B7), Fleet (B9) and Cobalamin (B12) and all of them are called B Complex Vitamin.
Now all the B-Vitamin uses are B12 alone, which can remain safe in our body for long periods and also means the remaining vitamins are possible from diet or supplements.
Well, let's know that B. Complex supplements are generally not beneficial unless the vitamin deficiency of the body is in place.
And instead of spending money on these supplements, know about the nutrients that you can get to all the bacteria.

Cow key

Most of the key species of cow do not like anything but the number of different types of vitamin B is higher, the gram clay contains plenty of vitamin B2, B5, and B3, while Fleet, B It is also possible to obtain B12, it is very beneficial to save those who are suffering from this problem of blood loss.


A good source of bacterial habitat for eating eggs, especially for biotechnology (B7). Bio-protein is found in both eggs and whites. And this vitamins at the same time require the body to be essential for biotechnical hair, nails while preserving depression and mental problems. To achieve these vitamins, eggs should be cooked well because the egg is a protein that has a protein that prevents the body from absorbing biotechnology.

Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are rich in vitamins B5, although these vitamins often occur in plants and animals, those amounts are very low and often waste in the cooking process. So the seeds of sunflower are beneficial.


Fatty fish contain large amounts of vitamin B, syringe, B12, and B, as well as vitamins B2, B1, and B5.


Chicken Vitamins are a good source of B and B to achieve, as well, this meat contains 6 out of 8 B vitamins.

Cow meat

If you want more quantities of Bantams, beef is a good source of which contains 6 out of 8 B vitamins, especially the number of vitamins B is high enough to maintain the nervous system and skin. Apart from this, B1, B to B and B are also obtained from this meat.


Milk brings the body to vitamin B2, which helps in the emission of energy from the body, cow milk is a good source of vitamins, besides milk in some quantities of B12, B1 and B are also found.


From the pulses the body gets vitamin B or folic, which helps in becoming bloody red cells of blood, chest, black tea, etc. are a good source of vital vitamins.
Green leafy vegetables

Creating green leaves such as Palak or Sag, also contributing to the diet, helps in achieving foliage, some amount of gastrointestinal gives the body a lot of food, which helps to reduce blood deficiency. Available.

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