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MOLLUSCAN attributes

MOLLUSCAN attributes

The size of molluscs differs enormously. The greatest edge shape is the monster squid 18 m in period. The littlest yard slug is considerably less than 1 cm long. They've following ordinary characteristics:

Casing has two components: head-foot and instinctive mass.

Mantle secretes a calcareous shell. It covers the instinctive mass.

Mantle pit capacities in discharge, fuel trade, disposal of stomach related squanders. What's more, dispatch of conceptive items

They have respective symmetry.

The expansion protosotme qualities like trochuphore hatchlings, winding cleavage, and schizocoelous coelom arrangement.

Coelom decreased to a pit. This pit encompasses the coronary heart, nephridia, and gonads.

They've open circulatory framework other than in one eminence (Cephalopoda).

Radula is available. It's miles utilized in scratching of dinners.

Regions of the casing

The casing of molluscs has 3 essential areas: the top-foot, the instinctive mass, and the mantle.

(a) Head-foot region: it's miles stretched with a front head. Head conveys mouth and certain dreadful and tactile structures. It has prolonged foot. It's miles utilized for connection and movement.

(b) Visceral mass: Visceral mass fuses the organs of absorption, move, generation, and discharge. It is blessing dorsal to the top-foot.

(c) Mantle: Mantle of molluscs is appended to the instinctive mass. It encases limit of the body. It secretes a shell that overlies the mantle.


Th shell of the molluscs is discharged in 3 layers:

1. Periostracum: The external layer of the shell is known as the l'eriostracum. It's miles protein in nature. Mantle cells on the mantle's external edge discharge this dregs.

2. Kaleidoscopic layer:

The center layer of the shell is known as the kaleidoscopic layer. It's far the thickest of the three layers. It incorporates calcium carbonate blended with natural substances. Cells at the mantle's external edge also discharge this store.

3. Nacreous layer: The internal layer of the shell is known as nacreous layer. It frames thin sheets of calcium carbonate substituting with natural be tallied. The epithelial outskirt cells of the mantle emit the nacreous layer. Nacre discharge thickens the shell.

Mantle cavity

Th zone between the mantle and the foot is a called the mantle empty space. The mantle ill will opens to the out of entryways. It capacities in gas interchange. Discharge. End of stomach related squanders and arrival of regenerative product.


The mouth of most extreme molluscs have a grating organ called radula. Radula comprises of a chitinous belt and columns of posteriorly bended tooth. The radula lies over a meaty tongue like structure. It is upheld with the guide of a cartilaginous odontophore. Strong tissues and odontophore help the radula to protrudeout from the mouth.

Solid tissues pass the radula forward and backward over the odontophore. Suppers is scratched from a substrate and gave posteriorly to the stomach related tract.

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