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Some supports used in partition column chromatography

What do you know about some supports used in partition column chromatography?

Nature and need of support in partition column chromatography

A suitable support is needed in case of partition column chromatography.the support should be in relation with liquid stationary phase and must be inert towards the mobile phase and towards the sample components.the support may be one which holds the stationary phase which may be polar or non-polar.
Reverse phased chromatography
Later this support when used process of chromatography is called reverse phased chromatography.
Commonly used support for partition column chromatography
Silica gel
Glass powder
Powdered rubber
Acetylated cellulose
Different organic polymers
Above enlisted substances are commonly used for suitable support in case of partition column chromatography those have polar properties.while those that are used in case of reversed phase chromatography are non-polar.Kieselguhr, silica gel and cellulose are most commonly used.
Silica gel
Silica gel that is used for the adsorption process can also be used for partition however ,it must be DE activated by impregnating it with water or with some polar solvents.Although silica gel is commonly used for partition chromatography.but in some cases it fails in completely satisfying the requirement of mobile phase with sample.That is it’s absorptive properties often contribute to the chromatographic behavior.
Kiesel guhr:
Kiesel guhr Which is commonly called Diatoms earth is available in different grades.This substance has disadvantage over the silica gel of not commonly used participating in a competing absorptive interaction
Used in reverse phased chromatography
Although it can also be used in reverse phase chromatography.
Advantage of powdered cellulose
Main advantage of powdered cellulose is that a column packing which duplicates the sheet methods, paper chromatography. This preliminary can be carried out on a paper and form the data,conditions for column separations are predicated.
Use on large scale:
Most often used cellulose is used at that time when large amount of sample is needed to separate for separative purpose.

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