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Spirit of chromatography by some physical illustration

Spirit of chromatography by some physical illustration?
A physical picture of system of chromatography can be explained taking column chromatography as a reference chromatography technique.but on the the other hand sheet method can also be used.
Advantages of column chromatography
In column chromatography Stationary phase which is made as slurry in a cylindrical tube.in the bottom of the glass tube wool, cotton or an inert porous tube is applied.
How slurry is made for the packing of column.
A little amount of sample is dissolved in the solvent.After this this slurry is introduced to the column,and allowed to pass within the column along the movement of mobile phase.
Packing of column in the gas chromatography
In the gas chromatography Packing of column should be kept dry.
Exploitation of chromatography technique
Chromatography technique can be best developed by four different following techniques
Gradient elation
Frontal analysis
Implement of these methods
Although all these methods can be theoretical applied.actually in practice those methods are useful and give us clear advantages which are specific.
Commonly used method
In general commonly used method is procedure of elution.
Detailed discussion of chromatography technique
All chromatography techniques can be best explained as follows

A process in which small amount of sample is dissolved with in the little amount of solvent.after this this applied to the column.After this it is applied to the column and causes the separation from bottom.This process causes the movement of solute at different speed.In general elation is more effective and useful.
Gradient elation
Process of gradient elation is done by some initial changes in the process of different conditions of elation. This process is started within the poor to efficient process of elation.
Different changes involved in gradient elation
Following changes are involved in this procedure
Change in pH
Change in composition of solvent
Change in ionic concentration
How gradient elation is useful
Gradient elation is used in Shadowing zones to prominent zones to separate the closely related solutes.
Sensing of temperature
Difference of temperature can also be sensed by this developmental process.
Frontal analysis
In this procedure development is carried out by the continuous movement of sample in the solution form along the column. During travelling different solutes are collected at various places according to their elation order.
Uses of frontal analysis
Frontal analysis is used for following purposes
For purification
In pilot plants
In commercial procedures
In analytical techniques
In this process first sample is injected into the column. after this another displacing agent is introduced which is responsible for the separation.

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