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What do you know about earlier historical experimental back ground of chromatography

What do you know about earlier historical experimental back ground of chromatography?
Chromatography was basically discovered by two scientists named as
“David Day and Mikhail Tswett”
History of both scientists is given as follows
David Day
David Day was originally a geologist and a mining engineer.
Mikhail Tswett
Mqikhail Tswett was originally a botanist and worked on physical chemistry
Both scientist worked independently.Their Independent work is given as follows:
David Day work was in fact Primary Work. His work was on the fractional distillation resembling procedure called fractional diffusion.He used crude oil and fuller earth for the separation.
MiKhail Tswett Greatly contributed in the Discovery of chromatography.He worked for the separation of plant components in an extract of plant leaf .
Experimental procedure of MiKhail Tswett :
Mikhail Tswett mainly Contributed in the Discovery of Chromatography within the following procedure:
Originally he made a sample solution which contained leaf extract of a Plant.He made the the sample solution in petroleum ether.After this This solution was allowed to move through a column resembling Structure which was filled with calcium carbonate (CaCo3).But the main role in the separation was there role of ether.As sample solution of plant extract was passed, ether separated the different types of chlorophyll which originally present in the leaf extract( sample solution).
Phase division of chromatography
Before the discussion of Phase division of chromatography we should have to tell about these phases
Stationary Phase
Stationary phase is that which cannot move and remains on the surface.
Mobile phase
Mobile phase is that which can move over the stationary phase It is also called moving phase.
Now we have to discuss The division of chromatography according to these phases
Absorption chromatography
Ion exchange chromatography
Exclusion chromatography
Adsorption chromatography
Partition chromatography
Absorption chromatography,Ion exchange chromatography,Exclusion chromatography
In above three types of chromatography stationary phase is always a solid surface and mobile phase is always a liquid.
Adsorption chromatography
In adsorption chromatography stationary phase is solid and mobile   phase is any gas.



Partition chromatography
In partition chromatography stationary is always a liquid and mobile phase may be any gas or may be a liquid.

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